Tailored programs to help you get from where you are to where you want to be

Tailored programs to help you get from where you are to where you want to be


Working with me

I want you to repeat these words to yourself —

“I am reclaiming my health and my life.  I deserve to feel amazing all year long.”

Yes, it’s true—you are worth putting your health first and when you make this commitment to  your body and uncover your unique health blueprint, beautiful things start to happen!

Did you know that the secret to everlasting beauty and health is in the foods you eat and the thoughts you think? Yes, it really is that simple. When you nourish both your body and mind as I teach you in My Transformation Program, you’ll start to feel like a brand new person!

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I will guide you on a journey towards taking charge of your life. You will hit the reset button on your health, reboot your metabolism, boost your immune system and kick start your digestion with 100% natural methods. As a result, you’ll access easy weight loss, reduced inflammation, glowing skin, balanced hormones, an improved mood, emotional stability, great sleep, and healthy hair and nails. 

Put simply, your life will transform.

I am passionate about helping you because I have seen what it did for me!  

I was a sick kid and young adult and transformed my health through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes.  

As your Health Coach, I am a professional and caring friend, mentor and coach providing you with knowledge, accountability, motivation and direction every step of the way. 

If you choose My Transformation Program, we start by scheduling an appointment for a free initial consultation.  We can meet  in person, or talk on the phone or skype (generally for long distance).  Before your appointment, you will have received a form by email to fill out and bring with you (or send back via email if your not local).   This will give me a good understanding of where you are at health-wise and what you hope to accomplish.   At our appointment (generally takes 45-60 minutes), we will get to know each other better to see how I can help.   

    When you purchase My Transformation Program for me to be your Health Coach (payment can be made then or prior to our first session online), we will then schedule our first session.   Based on the information you provided me, I will design a program that is specifically designed for your challenges and  wellness goals.    The program will include:

  • 2 coaching sessions per month
  • handouts
  • nutrition counseling and program designed just for you
  • email/phone in-between for additional guidance, questions and inspiration
  • shopping list of the healthy foods
  • suggested meals and recipes
  • help with dealing with cravings & blood sugar issues
  • help with goals and the steps to achieve them
  • monthly massage (only with certain packages)

In starting this program, know that you made a decision that the majority of people are unable to commit to, so for that I commend you!  

You are beautiful, you are brave, and you are worth it!

My Background

Schooling from Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Personal Fitness Instructor training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine

Overcame my own personal and major health challenges

many years of research and self knowledge

I AM HEALTHY! Always look to a health professional that walks the talk!