Tailored programs 

Tailored programs to help you get from where you are to where you want to be


Why you need a Health Coach

Change is not as hard when we have the right person/people by our side and when we have the right direction, understanding and focus.  

So here's why you need a Health Coach...

Oftentimes we make a decision or resolutions to improve our health and fitness.  Unfortunately, according to research, nearly 80 percent of people who make those commitments or resolutions will fail to see them through. Avoid becoming a statistic and letting any more time go by without making your health a priority!   

You'll regret it if you don't and love it if you do!

Take the steps today to truly start leading your most healthy and fit life. Your success begins with making an investment in your own health and well-being, which for many people involves working with a health coach. 

Here are just a few ways that a I can help you to make lasting lifestyle changes, from weight management to overall wellness.

Focus on your whole being: From exercise programming and nutritional guidance to support and motivation, I take a holistic approach to working one-on-one and understand the science behind true behavior modification. With a focus on enhancing, preserving and maintaining health, and preventing illness. I understand the emotional, physical, behavioral, nutritional and lifestyle factors that are needed to enhance overall health and well-being.

Establish a connection: One of the most important things I do as a health coach is work to establish a bond built on genuineness, respect and trust with every client. To allow for a successful and effective coach-client relationship, I establish an understanding of the psychological, behavioral and emotional needs and characteristics of you as an individual. That understanding begins by identifying your unique fitness personality through open communication and active listening.

Set SMART Goals: With an understanding your fitness personality and your personal interests, past successes and failures, your attitudes and beliefs about health and fitness, and your readiness to change, I will work with you to establish SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) goals. Through this effective approach, which helps you establish both short- and long-term goals that are continually revisited, I will help you to take vague ideas and aspirations and transform them into reality.

Retrain the way you think: One of the things I do is help my clients establish positive self-talk (the things we tell ourselves) by identifying negative, irrational and erroneous beliefs. By becoming aware of situations where negative self-talk occurs, including times when you may say to yourself, “I hate doing this exercise,” I help you shift to a more accurate and positive way of thinking. By listening and applying my expertise, I will help you transform your self-talk to thoughts like, “This exercise is challenging, but I know I can do it!”

Overcome barriers: From lack of time to financial constraints, inclement weather, injury or medical issues, there are a number of environmental and lifestyle factors that often serve as external barriers to people trying to lose weight or improve their overall health, coupled with internal barriers such as low self-esteem and intimidation about exercising in front of others. I will work with you to diffuse anxieties and identify misconceptions that may be standing in the way of you reaching your goals. Although obstacles are inevitable, with the right systems in place I will arm you with the skills you need to cope with current and future barriers and provide you with strategies to help you get back on track following temporary slip ups.

Become self-reliant: While this may seem counter-intuitive, my ultimate goal as a health coach is to help you to become self-reliant, to increase your motivation and to adopt healthy habits. From helping you create or maintain an environment that fosters success, to finding and implementing a support system, a health coach is committed to arming you with the tools you need to succeed in reaching your current goals (or discovering what those goals are) and to keep making progress.

Make it a lifestyle: I enable my clients to see the value in reaching their health-related goals and building a true connection between nutrition, exercise and activities of daily living. I will empower you to take ownership of your experience and create positive, lasting lifestyle changes that enhance what you do in everyday life.  Start now by taking  the steps today to begin leading your most fit life. Your success begins with making an investment in your own health and well-being, which for many people involves working with a health coach.