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Meet your coach

Hello!  Thank you for visiting my website.  My name is Mark Kennon and I am the owner of Tailored Wellness and Tailored Massage and Coaching.  I graduated from the 

Southeastern School of Massage in Charleston,SC in October 2010 as well as training as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program in 2014.   

Let me start by sharing my journey so you know why I will help you  with yours...

My journey took me from being a sickly kid transformed into the healthy and fit man that i am today with a passionate desire to help others transform their lives as well.   I was a very sick kid growing up. I had asthma that was so severe that it sent me to the emergency room/hospital on many occasions. I also had severe allergies which made me miserable most of the time. My mom was a nurse so she was up on all the latest medications available and I went through A LOT of them!

As the years went by, I had so many health issues that I felt like I was in a bubble (in a state of detachment) because I couldn’t think clearly. I was in a fog because of the medications for these health issues. As a result I struggled in school both socially and academically. 

Then the turning point came for me. In my early 20’s, with my mom’s encouragement and inspiration along with my desire to help myself, I started to change my lifestyle and eat better. and  work out regularly.  I went from a sickly young man to feeling and looking like a different person! It was like a light was turned on penetrating my previous dark world. I became a personal Fitness Trainer because I wanted others to experience what I did.  

From my own transformation and being a former Professional Fitness Trainer, I have always appreciated the value of helping others promote good and better health.  I saw amazing transformations in my clients both tangibly in the way they looked and intangibly with increased energy, zest for life and symptoms/health issues going away, 

My next turning point came when my mom got sick with cancer.  In 2008 I put my life on hold and went to take care of my sweet  beautiful mother who always took care of me.   Through Hospice, I  saw first hand how massage helped her with the pain and discomfort she was experiencing.  Then with her encouragement,  I

  made the decision to pursue Massage Therapy.  

As I helped people by relieving pain and stress and grew in my massage practice, I noticed a trend.   I saw how so many people were suffering from various ailments and symptoms like low energy, depression, and digestive issues to more severe health problems like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and so many others.  I knew that medicine was only a very small part of the picture and although it has it's place for acute treatment, like with me it was a change in nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices that made the greatest impact.  

From that desire to help people feel better and reach a new level of health and wellness goals, I received additional training as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program. 

 So now it's your turn!  It's time to look and feel your best!  I am here to help take you on your  journey!