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 The evidence is growing.  According to many doctors, health practitioners and statistics,  referring to or hiring a Health Coach can help both your patient adherence as well as increasing positive reputation for you and your practice.    

Hello. My name is Mark Kennon and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Health Coach asking you to consider referring your patients to me.

One article I read stated "One review indicates that overall some 40% of patients do not adhere to doctors’ prescription recommendations, but another survey shows that number even higher with as many as 75% of patients not consistently following prescription indications. (PDF) In addition, 35% neglected to fully follow through on suggested physical therapy directives. When it came to physician recommended changes in lifestyle habits, non-adherence hit 70%.

At the root, some experts suggest, are often simple misunderstandings of their doctors orders. Even in the best scenarios, they say, patients often need help “systematizing” these new behaviors. Health coaches, in partnership with physicians, can help bridge this gap in ongoing communication and patient education."

  Here is some of my experience and education:

  • Schooling from Institute for Integrative Nutrition (recognized by the National Consortium for Credentialing Health & Wellness Coaches)
  • Personal Fitness Instructor training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Overcame my own personal and major health challenges
  • Many years of research and self knowledge
  • Testimonials from previous and/or current clients

As a trained and professional Health Coach, I can:

  • Provide regular accountability to help your patient stay on course with the protocol set forth by you.
  • Establish goals to assist your patients in reaching their goals.
  • Write and help your patients implement a specific meal and exercise plan.
  • Help your patients stay motivated and inspired.
  • Free initial consultation
  • Please also visit my page "Why you need a Health Coach" here

 The article ends saying: 

"Multiple reviews support health coaching’s effectiveness for improving patients’ physiological, psychological and behavioral well-being. (1, 2, 3) Additionally, studies demonstrate coaching’s impact in the successful treatment and even reversal of chronic conditions. In one study of pre-diabetics, nearly half of participants returned to normal blood glucose readings following a 14-week, personalized coaching intervention. Research also suggests that coaching support helps people more successfully lose weight as well as enhance cardiovascular health, increase exercise, improve diet, lower stress and improve lipid markers.

More than ever, medicine is embracing the benefits of a team model for treatment and prevention. Health coaches have a uniquely impactful role to play in ongoing care that can enhance patient experience and improve general outcomes."

Please contact me - Mark Kennon at 843-514-6731 to schedule an appointment to see how we can work together .  Or have your patients contact me directly with a written referral and your recommendations.

Thank you and look forward to working together for the common goal of improving health  and well-being!

Mark Kennon, LMT/Health Coach

[email protected]

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