Tailored programs to help you get from where you are to where you want to be

Tailored programs to help you get from where you are to where you want to be



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Coaching for your business

Health/Wellness Coaching

An Investment in the Future of Your Business

Concern for employee wellness is an increasing trend among American businesses because the link between employee wellness and the bottom line is clear.  Employers who integrate wellness into their overall objectives find that they experience: 

  • lower healthcare costs 
  • lower rates of absenteeism 
  • increased productivity
  • increase employee morale
  • Reduced Sick Leave 
  • Reduced Health Costs
  • Reduced Disability Costs
  • Reduce Workers Comp Costs
  • Health and Wellness Coaching Solutions

Health or Wellness  Coaching is a cost-effective, results-oriented programs that enable employees to work one-on-one with a me to bring balance to their work and personal life and improve their overall health. My program allow participants to address a wide range of common and contributing health factors including; stress management, fitness, nutrition, and more based on their goals and the needs of your business.

Helping your employees improve their health causes them to feel better about themselves and their employer which leads to increased employee engagement and retention. By providing health and wellness coaching you send a powerful message to your employees that you value them, their well being, their health and their contributions to your organization.

 Coaching: The Results-Oriented Approach

My Health and Wellness Coaching offers employees unlimited access to me thus allowing them to use the service as often as they like, with no additional cost to you. Employees not only learn what they need to do, but more importantly, they learn how to sustain their new, healthy lifestyles.   I provide positive reinforcement, advice, additional information and support at every step.

The results of my health and wellness coaching will...

  • help participants reach their primary goals
  • improve their overall health and well-being
  • reduce stress-related physical symptoms
  • improve aerobic conditioning 
  • increase their healthy eating choices
  • help to achieve a healthier weight